The Diabetic Foot - Taking a Stand on Falls in the Person with Diabetes—Part 1

Having a suitable fall prevention strategy will optimize the quality of life for your diabetic patient.

We are all aware of it. The New York Times even warns us to brace for the upsurge of falls expectedly arising from an aging nation (Nov. 2, 2014). As our population matures and people live longer, the number of senior citizens who experience falls is soaring. According to an epidemiologic study headed up by Dr. Christine Cigolle, the 2-year prevalence of self-reported falls among all adults 65 years or older increased from 28.2% in 1998 to 36.3% in 2010. Stratifying by age, fall prevalence increased for adults aged 65 to 89 years and was most marked at the younger end of the age range. Patients with diabetes were not explicitly factored into this study, but previous research2 indicates a significant relationship between aging, diabetes mellitus and falls.