Co-Founder of American College of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry

Bringing Podiatry Into the Future: The American College of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry

The changes that have taken place in podiatric medicine and surgery are immense and impressive. In addition, the whole field of healthcare has made drastic changes as well. Everything in life—and especially in the professions where the most personal issues and welfare of the people served are at stake—must reconcile itself constantly with these changes in order to best serve the public. 

The field of podiatric medicine and surgery is no exception to this tenet. In fact, podiatric physicians have a heavier burden than most to bear, given the intrinsic challenges that have always been part of the profession— specifically,having to thrive and survive, and having to deal with all the rifts and fissures created within, all while managing the changes in the healthcare system. Nevertheless, podiatric medicine and surgery remains one of the greatest medical fields ever. 

We are one profession! There is no doubt, however, that course corrections and improvements need to be made within our still-growing field, to insure that all these developments work in our favor. No one knows exactly what these modifications need to be, but we must nevertheless stand together, stand tall and united in voice; we must bring together all the different factions and harmoniously integrate all the subspecialties, to flaunt a newly emerged, truly wonderful, energetically recreated, vital, crucial and indispensable profession, like no other! 

Creating One Voice for Podiatric Physicians 

This is what podiatric visionaries Dr. Sam Liebson and Dr. Jim Fisher, co-founders of the new American College of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry, had in mind when they helped start one of the newest and most innovative professional organizations— one that is committed to proactively bonding the different elements of the field of podiatric medicine and surgery into a cohesive tapestry that fits snugly into the landscape of our changing healthcare system. 

“There is no other organization in podiatry that is taking on the role of integrating podiatry while steering the wave of change in the direction that allows the public to benefit from the immense potential that our profession brings to the table, scientifically, economically and professionally,” says Dr. Jim Fisher. 

Dr. Sam Liebson, who is passionate about forging a constructive pathway into which podiatry will evolve, adds: 

“Over the years, the field of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery has changed and will continue to change. In this world of dynamic fluctuations, these changes need to be continually identified and addressed so that the practitioners of podiatric medicine and surgery are not left in the wake of these waves of change. Addressing these needs will ultimately benefit the patient and allow the public to receive the best care this discipline can offer.” 

Dr. Fisher goes on to say: “We have created the new College of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry out of sheer passionate commitment to the podiatry profession. Our goal is to integrate the podiatric profession, bring the profession together to deal effectively with the role of podiatric medicine and surgery as it relates to the new world of healthcare. We have created this new organization solely for the good of the profession, its members and the public. The time has come to embrace the American College of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry.” 

Inquire about ACMSP now and learn: • How to be a founding member and a fundamental force in the renovation and transformation of podiatry • About member involvement opportunities within the profession • About professional networking resources and events • How ACMSP creates “survival insurance” for your practice, combining scholarly endeavors with economic opportunities Call 760-471-8637 for more information, or click here.


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