ABMSP Podiatrists Urge November to Remember Foot Inspections

November is the right time to re-double vigilant inspection of the skin of the feet, said Kenneth B. Rehm, D.P.M., Diplomate of the ABMSP. Colder temperatures and lower humidity can lead to dry, cracked, and peeling skin. What’s more, autumn and winter bring boots, heavy shoes, and socks—meaning patients have a tendency to stop paying active attention to their feet. “Out of sight, out of mind,” said Rehm. “But the ‘November to Remember’ push aims to get more patients to see their ABMSP board -certified podiatrists and to examine their own feet on a regular basis. ABMSP podiatrists are asking patients to sit down in November and make a commitment to themselves to look closely at the skin of their feet, which may be telling them quite a bit of information about the status of their diabetes symptoms.”