"Create & Maintain Health"

At DR. REHM REMEDIES, our goal is to create and maintain health as well as prevent foot and related disease. Dr. Rehm created DR. REHM REMEDIES to achieve this outcome. Because of this commitment to a healthy lifestyle and prevention, Dr. Rehm has been formulating products out of necessity, for foot problems that did not have suitable solutions. Dr. Rehm maintains that if the patient is properly educated and motivated, there is a certain level of care and prevention that can be done WITHOUT going to the doctor. Going to see your doctor or healthcare provider is complicated these days, Dr. Rehm, therefore, wants to develop resources to support this level of self-care and prevention and in so doing empower the patient to avoid needless visits to the doctor. The standard solutions that are available to achieve these goals currently are not ideal. Dr. Rehm Remedies’ mission is fine tune and improve on what’s available to help the patient help themselves.

We can NO LONGER depend on the medical model or the healthcare system to keep us healthy. We need to maintain our foot health in between visits to the doctor as well as prevent disease ourselves! To a large part, foot disease is preventable! Because of this, we need to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR OWN HEALTH ! To this end Dr. Rehm has developed programs, and products to support these programs for the major catagories of foot concerns:

For the person who has diabetes, the Keep Your Feet….Healthy! program is for preventing diabetic foot disease.

For the person with foot problems that stem from being overweight there is the L.I.P Program. (lifestyle improvement and prevention program) featuring an anti-inflammatory diet and exercise guidelines for his patients.

Dr. Rehm believes in an active lifestyle including exercising of the body and feet, and to make these activities and for occupations that require someone to be on their feet a lot, there is the ActiFeet program

Also, because of the way our feet look and feel are so important to so many people the Soft and Pretty Feet System was developed.


All of our products are personally created, developed and formulated by Dr. Rehm and are made from the purest sources, for his patients to help themselves since 1977.  Dr. Rehm Remedies, the company was launched in 2014 out of need and commitment to help the world of “foot problem sufferers” help themselves.

It’s essential for the health of the whole body to take care of your feet! After all, what you see happening in the foot affects the rest of the body.

Also, Dr. Rehm is a podiatric physician and surgeon who sees the foot as a mirror of the state of health or disease of the rest of the body.

What’s happening in the feet is a marker for what’s happening IN the rest of the body, and whats happening in the rest of the body is a marker for whats happening to the feet because the foot is attached TO the rest of the body. 

We must be in touch with our foot health and Dr Rehm Remedies supports this.

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