We Believe in Giving Back

"A portion of all proceeds go towards the Barefoot Kids Foundation.”


For Dr. Rehm, there is nothing that emotes more compassion than seeing a child in distress. Dr. Rehm’s background includes supporting orphanages for abandoned children especially in Mexico. These children did not have shoes to walk in. Out of his compassion and commitment to children’s welfare everywhere, Dr. Rehm determinedly negotiated with various manufacturers and retailers to supply shoes to these needy children.


He was delighted, therefore, when he was asked to sit on the board of directors of The Barefoot Kids Foundation started by his good friends, Danny and Loretta Ross. Danny’s passion was to help kids in need and was able to accomplish this by securing foot wear for kids without resources from across the country and in many communities of diverse populations. Now, after his untimely death, his wife Loretta is carrying the ball, and Dr. Rehm wants to support the legacy of his good friend, Danny Ross by not only by sustaining his vision, but also by creating smiles on the faces of children in need when they have proper, good fitting healthy shoes. In the end, To walk the path of success…. you really need to wear good shoes.

Dr. Rehm Remedies is a company that was created out of a commitment to good health and a mission to give back. Supporting The Barefoot Kids Foundation is consistent with both these goals and objectives; After all you can’t have good foot health without wearing good shoes.