Dr Rehm has collected this list of Podcasts and Audio Broadcasts to provide a library of information on the health of your feet.


Keep Your Feet Healthy! 

Realize that the feet are attached to the rest of the body and are at least as important as the rest of the body. The feet are affected by other conditions in the body and in turn have a reciprocal influence on them. The areas of mutual effect are those considerations that medically, psychologically and structurally influence a person’s balance of mind, body, spirit and posture.


How to Maintain The Skin and Nails Beautiful 

Winter time can be hard on your feet, especially if you are a diabetic.  What can you do to take care of your feet in winter and still keep your feet beautiful?  Join Don-Alan Rekow and Dr. Kenneth Rehm for a discussion about winter-time feetness and how you can take care of your feet this winter.